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Herbal weight loss pills concerns: Rates of side effects continue to rise

Over the counter fat burners are sadly becoming common among all age groups and there is also less separation between the sexes. Continued use of products like these is of a continued concern for the FDA and nutrition groups. One thing that contributes to the danger of these products is the use of Ephedrine in a large portion of the products. This ingredient is dangerous because it can cause a spike in heart rate, which will lead to problems with the heart or can sometimes lead to instant death. What some of the government health agency’s are doing to do in order to convince people from using...
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Lose 30 Pounds in 30 days

Spend a small amount of time to do some Research, and you’ll quickly discern that the safest amount of weight to lose each 7 days is a total amount of 2Ib. Taking shortcuts should never be considered - as taking products like Ephedra, Hoodia, and others will lead to bad times in the long run. Sometimes in life you will find there aren’t any short-cuts. there is at least ONE way you can lose weight quickly - while at the same time improving your overall health. The technique uses a mixture of three things; 1. a logical approach to your eating plan generally, 2. using a bowel...
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The spike in use of over the counter fat burners is cause for great concern for the FDA as rates of drug related deaths continue to grow.

Fat burners are sadly becoming a very oft used supplement among people of all ages and equally among men and women. This growing trend is of a growing concern for the FDA and nutrition groups. One thing that contributes to the danger of these products is the use of Ephedrine within the pills. The reason that Ephedrine is a dangerous product is because it causes the heart rate to rise, which can cause your heart to be unhealthy as well as can sometimes lead to instant death. Some efforts being put forth to do in order to convince people from keeping their addictions to these pills include plans...
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Weight Loss Applications for Your iPhone

Who would have thought that your iPhone could help you lose weight? It’s true, though. There are applications for your iPhone that can work with you so you can lose weight. An application called ‘Lose It’ is one of the best with a calorie tracker and extremely efficient exercises for anyone to do just about anywhere. Since you always have your phone with you, you’ll always be able to get some exercise. There are yoga stretching applications, a fitness calculator, pilates, and a training club where you can do a personal-trainer style workout. No matter where you are or what...
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What Girlfriends Want on Valentine’s Day

Valentines day is just 1 month away, so I chatted up some of my girlfriends to see what they were hoping for on this lover’s holiday. What do you all want for Valentine’s Day, ladies? Anything healthy? CATHY: I’m a traditional gal that loves a man with a great sense of humor.  I’d like a couple funny cards,  flowers and most importantly, chocolate. I know it’s all commercialized nonsense, but I’m conditioned to expect some show of affection from my husband. It would mean more if he did it one day spontaneously, of course, but that’s never going to happen....
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