Heart Attack Symptoms are Different For Women

Men and women are both at risk for having a heart attack and heart disease is high on the list of fatalities for both men and women as well. But there is one main difference; women have different heart attack symptoms than men do. Women don’t experience chest pains like men do, but they do suffer from shortness of breath, sleep disturbances, and unexplained fatigue a month or more before the heart attack hits. This is a crucial thing for women to be aware of, because they may be looking for the same symptoms that men have, but those won’t even be present in many women. Some women, however, do experience chest pains, but it is a small amount.

Understanding the Risks

Some women also experience anxiety and indigestion before a cardiac event, and many women experienced cold sweat and dizziness along with the shortness of breath and sleep pattern disturbances. These are all crucial things to watch out for, and researchers are trying to come to an understanding of what women go through before a heart attack, so they can help alert the general public on the actual symptoms that women have. It can vary so widely that it is taking a while to learn what could be true cardiac symptoms are and what is considered a false alarm. They want women to be on the offensive, with a good understanding of what to watch out for, so they are urging women to keep an eye out for a pattern of sleep disturbances, fatigue, and shortness of breath coupled with anxiety for a long period of time.

If women do suffer from these symptoms days in a row, they should contact their doctor so he can rule out any possible upcoming cardiac event. In home health care can be used if the symptoms are cardiac related. If the symptoms are a false alarm, then at least both the patient and doctor can breathe a sigh of relief. But if there is something there, they may need to go in for an endovascular procedure, but the patient can feel good that they caught their symptoms early.

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